evlutionz LLC is a “Buy-it-Local” partner and Silencer Shop fingerprinting Kiosk location. Email or TEXT 904-849-7874 if you have purchased a silencer from me on and need to have fingerprinting and passport photos done.

I would be thrilled to help you legally acquire a silencer. If you are in the market to buy a silencer, do yourself a favor and go to and see the evlutionz LLC pricing on silencers. If it isn’t the lowest pricing that you see, please let me know and I will make it the lowest. With the constant addition of new products which are automatically set to the “suggested price” it is really hard to keep up with, but I am happy to see that the market has given us that wonderful first world problem and so many great choices. While you are there have a look at my reviews. Those reviews were completely unsolicited and I wasn’t aware until recently that I have more 5-Star reviews than any other Silencer Shop “Buy -it-Local” partner in the entire state of Florida, and I am a one-man shop that is appointment only. Who would think that would be possible? I didn’t, but I am apparently making an impression on my customers and it is humbling to see it in the form of those reviews. I will continue to give my best effort to maintain and grow that and will treat you like you will write that next 5 star review. My goals as a “Buy-it-Local” partner are to make silencer ownership as affordable as possible and to make your transaction as smooth and fast as possible. When your silencer is ready for pickup you will be notified immediately or within 24 hours maximum. No games here, just prompt service so you can get on with enjoying your purchase and protecting your hearing.
I have additional sources for silencer ordering and can get other brands and models that may not be in stock at Silencer Shop. Let me know what you want and I will provide an out the door price on it, transfer, fingerprinting, and passport photos included.

Email me at for more info

I am now accepting NFA transfers (silencer, SBR, SBS, AOW, and MG)
Transfers, including fingerprinting and passport photos are $100 (plus tax) for the first item and $75 (plus tax) for each additional item for up to one year from when the first fingerprints and passport photos are submitted. What can you expect in regards to service? You can expect me to do what I say I will quickly, notify you when the items arrive, and notify you within 24 hours of the approved Form’s arrival if not immediately. No games, just prompt service.
Order what you want and forward the order confirmation email to I will forward that same email back to the vendor with my FFL and SOT attached. Getting started really is that simple.

If you are not familiar with the process of legally owning a silencer, please email for information.

I offer barrel suppressor quality barrel threading. Email for a quote on threading your barrel
Are you not sure which silencer to get? Email for guidance on what might fit your firearm, needs, and budget.

I can even get you going in the right direction to own a suppressed 12 gauge shotgun….