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evlutionz LLCĀ  offers the following….

Just about any work you would want done on a Saiga 12 or Vepr 12 (reliability work, SBS builds, etc.)

Work on the AK platform (I DO NOT BUILD KITS)

AR15/AR10 assembly/troubleshooting/repair/build consultation

Permanent attachment of muzzle devices

Silencer/sound suppressor sales through silencershop.com

evlutionz LLC is a Silencer shop SID Kiosk location (fingerprinting is done quickly and easily here)

Sight installs, trigger jobs, and drop-in part installs

Barrel work (suppressor quality threading, internal threading on shotgun barrels, etc.)






IMPORTANT: As of 11-02-2016, non-Silencer Shop NFA transfer pricing has changed to $200 for each item due to 41F.

IMPORTANT: As of 11-02-2016, I am no longer doing regular non-NFA transfers. I may start doing them again in the future.

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