Service offered
Just about any work you would want done on a Saiga 12, Vepr 12, KS-12, or Lynx variant (reliability work, SBS builds, etc.). Check out my youtube channel here for an idea of how well I might do it.
Heat cured refinishing, Cerakote and Norrel’s Moly Resin
Work on the AK platform. Yes, I do AK100 folding stock installs, quite well I might add
Vepr 7.62x54R bolt modification for CSSpecs 10 round magazines
AR15 and AR10 assembly, troubleshooting, repair, gas block pinning, and build consultation
Permanent attachment of muzzle devices (mainly AR15)
Silencer/sound suppressor sales through
NFA transfers, fingerprinting and passport photos included
evlutionz LLC is a Silencer Shop fingerprinting kiosk location (fingerprinting is done quickly and easily here)
NFA engraving
Sight installs, trigger jobs, and drop-in part installs
Stippling and frame mods on polymer framed pistols
Barrel work (suppressor quality threading, internal threading on shotgun barrels, etc.)

Email for more info and estimates

Services not offered
I do not do AK kit builds (this may change in the future)
I do not do specialty work that isn’t my specialty (no custom bolt gun builds, wooden stock work, etc)
I do not do non-NFA firearm (regular gun) transfers

I do not sell non-NFA firearms (regular guns)
I do not sell parts and accessories for guns
I do not do bluing, but I have heat cured finishes that look similar to bluing and have superior corrosion resistance