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Evlutionz LLC has gone to appointment-only as of January 1, 2017

POSTED ON January 1st  - POSTED IN Announcements

Service will be appointment-only until further notice. Please do not come to the shop without an appointment. If you do you will likely be disappointed. The best method for making an appointment or asking questions will be by email to evl@evlutionz.com  or locate one of the red contact links in this site. Email allows me to communicate in detail and pick the time at which I communicate. Talking on the phone totally stops all work (I am a one-man-shop), so I prefer to not talk on the phone.  Never forget, your work is behind the work I am currently doing.

I think people are going to appreciate uninterrupted service by appointment and I like the feel of one-on-one service. It allows me to be thorough and not feel rushed to get to the next person that just walked in, like it has been on Saturdays. It was getting hectic there for a while and I felt like customer service was not what I want it to be. I appreciate your understanding.

evlutionz is no longer accepting transfers except Silencer Shop purchases and guns that are getting custom work

POSTED ON November 21st  - POSTED IN Announcements

I know it is likely hard to understand, but I run every aspect of this shop alone and my time is better spent doing gunsmithing than transfers. Until I can hire someone that I can trust to accurately do the transfer paperwork and background checks, recordkeeping, and give some friendly and competent service, I will not be accepting new incoming transfers unless custom work will be done on the firearm or unless it is a Silencer Shop purchase. I want to get to the point of having very fast turnaround on all gunsmith work and I simply can’t do it while dealing with the distraction of so many random transfers coming in at random times with no communication from the senders prior to package arrival. If I had someone here doing something else that generated money being available to accept deliveries and do transfers at all times it would be different, but that is not the case as this is not a retail shop or a gun range. I could either drastically raise the price of transfers to match the gunsmithing pricing for that time invested or stop doing transfers. It was a tough decision and I know that people have appreciated the same-day-no-matter-what arrival notifications, but I have to make some changes. There is no shortage of shops around that will accept transfers, but there is a shortage of shops that offer gunsmthing and I need to keep it simple and focus on what I originally set out to do, custom mag fed shotgun work.

evlutionz LLC has been selected to be a Silencer Shop Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk Locations!

POSTED ON June 28th  - POSTED IN Announcements

I am excited to announce that evlutionz LLC has been selected to be one of 300 Silencer Shop Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk Locations! The US has no shortage of NFA dealers and evlutionz LLC is a humble one man show, so I am really honored to have been selected. I must be doing something right. This is going to make 41F compliance much easier for silencershop.com transfers and can be used for any NFA transfer. When you order through evlutionz LLC from silencershop.com there will be no charge. Fingerprint processing for other transfers will be $40. Don’t let 41F stop you from owning NFA and exercising your Second Amendment Right to the fullest. I should be set up and ready to go mid-July. Party time!

Evlutionz LLC will be closed on July 30,2016

POSTED ON June 28th  - POSTED IN Announcements

I have a very close friend that is getting married and I am going to be a groomsman in his wedding on July 30. Please contact me to schedule an appointment earlier that week or early the next week. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Evlutionz LLC will be closed on Saturday June 11, 2016

POSTED ON May 20th  - POSTED IN Announcements

It is rare for the shop to not be open on a Saturday, but I have a competition to attend on Saturday June 11, 2016. Please call to schedule an appointment if what you need can’t wait until the following Saturday. Anyone with an incoming transfer will be given an opportunity to come by and have their transfer done before Saturday.

evlutionz now offers Vepr 12 SBS builds in 8″, 10″, 11″, and 12″!!!! The V12SS

POSTED ON April 20th  - POSTED IN Announcements

V12SS (Super short) Builds now Available!
Those of you who know me understand that I am good for a hard push of the envelope every now and then and an effort to obliterate the perceived limitations of the AK pattern shotgun platform. Once again, I have broken down a barrier. Intimately understand the previous limitations and challenges of making a Vepr 12 run reliably with a shortened barrel, I decided it was time to see how one ran with the gas system relocated. I happened to have a bad barrel rattling around at the shop and chose to use what was left of it and do a little exploring instead of throwing that barrel in the scrap metal bin. The build had its challenges, but the end result was worth it. I nailed it. It ran great from the first test fire on, even with bulk pack ammunition. If you want to do a SBS build with a Vepr 12, the time has never been better than now. I am the first to offer radically short Vepr 12 SBS builds. Exciting times! Click here for a quote on a V12SS (Super Short) build using your Vepr 12 shotgun

Phone Number

POSTED ON April 20th  - POSTED IN Announcements

We have a new phone number for the shop. Please save the new number and feel free to give us a call for you gunsmith needs.

Phone # (904) 849-7874

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