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Evlutionz is accepting NFA transfers for non-shop purchases and non-Silencer Shop purchases!

POSTED ON December 15th  - POSTED IN Announcements

Transfers, including fingerprinting and passport photos, are $100 (plus tax) for the first item and $75 (plus tax) for each additional item for up to one year from when the first fingerprints and passport photos are submitted. What can you expect in regards to service? You can expect me to do what I say I will quickly, notify you when the items arrive, and notify you within 24 hours of the approved Form’s arrival. No games, just prompt service.

Order what you want and forward me the order confirmation email. I will forward that same email back to the vendor with my FFL and SOT attached. Getting started really is that simple.

evlutionz LLC has been selected to be a Silencer Shop Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk Locations!

POSTED ON June 28th  - POSTED IN Announcements

I am excited to announce that evlutionz LLC has been selected to be one of 300 Silencer Shop Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk Locations! The US has no shortage of NFA dealers and evlutionz LLC is a humble one man show, so I am really honored to have been selected. I must be doing something right. This is going to make 41F compliance much easier for silencershop.com transfers and can be used for any NFA transfer. When you order through evlutionz LLC from silencershop.com there will be no charge. Fingerprint processing for other transfers will be $40. Don’t let 41F stop you from owning NFA and exercising your Second Amendment Right to the fullest. I should be set up and ready to go mid-July. Party time!

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