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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why don’t you answer the phone? Is email a better way to get information?

I have put the shop phone number on the “do not call” list and still receive multiple solicitation calls a day. I find it extremely frustrating as these people are stealing from me by wasting my time, keeping me from doing work, and as a result it takes longer to get work finshed and back into my customers’ hands. In an effort to avoid losing valuable time dealing with those calls and further increasing my backlog, I let the phone go to the answering machine and stay on task. Gunsmithing really isn’t something that can be done well and efficently if you are constantly stopping to answer the phone and get rid of solicitors. Solicitors rarely go through the effort of leaving a message, so it works in that respect. If you call, expect to leave a message. I do not go through the missed call list to call people back because I have found that much of those calls are from solicitors. If you want me to call you back, please leave a message. Say your phone number clearly twice on the answering machine and I will call you back when I know I am going to have a few minutes to talk. It also allows me to call you back at a better time and not be in a hurry to get back to the work I was doing. I am a one man shop and I have a lot of work. I handle comms in this way as an effort to get more work done, reduce my backlog, and get your work done faster. Email is best, especially if you have an inquiry about custom Saiga 12 or Vepr 12 work it is far better to contact me by email or site contact links. I can give you service and pricing info there and not lose half an hour trying to explain it all. Email allows me to simply copy and paste relevant info and we can both reference it later. I try to answer emails within no more than 48 hours unless it is received on the weekend.


Does evlutionz LLC sell guns and accessories?


My dealer pricing will not allow me to sell things at what I think is a good deal and still make a profit, so I don’t sell things. Besides, any shop can sell you something, not everyone can repair it or customize it.


Does evlutionz LLC offer Miltary and Law Enforcement discounts?

Proudly! Proof of current or prior Military or Law Enforcement service gets you 10% off of general gunsmithing. It is my way of saying Thank You for Your Service!


Can evlutionz LLC do firearm transfers for online firearm purchases from outside of Florida?

Yes, but I am only doing transfers for customers who are getting custom work done to the firearm that is being transferred.


Can you legally own a short barreled shotgun, short barreled rifle, or a silencer?

Yes. I would be happy to inform you on how to do it legally. Click here to ask me how


Does evlutionz LLC work on things other than Saiga 12 shotguns?

Sure, I work on a very wide variety of firearms, but I will not work on some low value firearms or older firearms that are very hard to find serviceable parts for. Simply click here to contact me and we can discuss it.


How to make an appointment?

Click here to arrange an appointment or call (904) 849-7874 and leave a message with a brief description of the work you want done or other inquiries. I will return your call and we can set up an appointment.

Where is the shop located?

You will need to make an appointment prior to coming.

Coming from I-95….

Take exit 373 and go East (toward Fernandina Beach)

Turn Left (North) on US HWY 17 and then turn left into my parking lot

I am on the Northwest corner of US HWY 17 and State Road 200


850893 US HWY 17 N
Yulee, FL 32097


Click here for directions


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