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About evlutionz

evlutionz LLC is a federally licensed firearm manufacturer (07FFL/02SOT) and was founded in 2014 by Anthony Hitch and Jason Williamson.


Anthony Hitch

evlutionz LLC was the natural evolution of my deep interest and fascination with firearms in general and my enthusiasm for Kalashnikov pattern shotguns, most notably the Saiga 12. My accomplishments with the Saiga 12 platform as an enthusiast were groundbreaking and many of the bars that I have set in regards to proving the potential reliability of the platform and stretching the perceived limitations of the Saiga 12 have yet to be surpassed by anyone, professional or not. I have worked on a very wide variety of firearms from flintlocks to machineguns and continue to do repair work on just about any firearm, but my specialty and passion is the Kalashnikov pattern shotgun (Saiga 12, Vepr 12, DDI-12, and Catamount Fury). Being a gunsmith wasn’t something that I wanted to do, it is something I was simply meant to do.






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