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This 7″ Vepr 12 SBS is the shortest functioning Vepr 12 SBS in the world!

NOW OFFERING VEPR 12 SBS BUILD SERVICES IN 8″, 10″, 11″ (for use with Silencerco Salvo 12 suppressor), and 12″! Click here for a quote on custom Vepr 12 build!

If you want some work done on a Vepr 12 or want to have it made into a SBS, mild or wild…. you are definitely in the right place.

Check out vepr.org when you get done here. It is the place to be for Vepr shotgun and rifle owners.

I could tell you how great I am at working on Vepr 12s, but I’d rather let you see some of it for yourself. Enjoy!


Standard V12 SBS: 14″ is about the shortest you can go without moving the gas system and still fire 3 dram loads while retaining the factory springs and keeping the weapon safe for use with strong loads. These builds start at $1050 for SBS service and weapon refinement on your Vepr 12 that does not have previous action and barrel work done to it.

evlutionz LLC V12SS Series SBS: 8″ is the shortest that I will build them for civilians. It will be tuned to run 3-3/4 dram loads and 3 dram loads can be used with a barrel extension. The barrel extension can be reamed and threaded for Rem Choke. This is also a great way to have a radically short SBS and still be able to run chokes and a silencer. It yields a very versatile weapon. V12SS Series 8″ starts at $1500 on your Vepr 12 that does not have previous action and barrel work done to it. 8″, 10″, 11″, and 12″ lengths are available.

Rem choke threading: Rem Choke threading is and additional $250 whether it is done on a Standard V12 SBS, 10″ or longer V12SS, or barrel extension.​​

IMPORTANT: I will not build SBS of any kind for those in states where SBS is not allowed by state law.


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